Saled Reinvented Podcast: The Power of Open Ended Questions

I am happy to announce I was on the Sales Reinvented Podcast to discuss the power of open-ended questions in your negotiations. In this podcast I define negotiation and give 3 do’s and don’ts in any negotiation. I also answer the important questions of how negotiation is important for business. If you are wondering why some salespeople […]

Can Your Team Stack Rank and Prioritize Tradeoffs?

Imagine a mid-level manger in the global commodities group got an email from the operations manager from a plant that read something like this. “Bob, I called ABC supplier to see where our XYZ parts are, and they told me that we’ll get them in 3 weeks. They said the PO gave them a 15 […]

Driving Innovation Rocky Flats Example Outcome Contracting

Have you ever wondered how to get real innovation from your customer/supplier relationship? I explain in this video how the Department of Energy and the Kaiser-Hill joint venture used outcome and incentive-based contracting principles to drive innovation. Innovations that turned a nuclear materials production site into a wildlife refuge while saving the US taxpayers billions […]

Is Contract Drafting a Creative Writing Assignment? NO!

Contract language is boring. The contract professional’s goals are to develop an agreement that reflects the intention of the relationship and a document that is clear, precise and exact. This video offers advice on 4 points that will help contract professionals meet those two goals. Watch NOW…

10 Common (an costly) Negotiation Mistakes

When negotiators get mediocre results their boss blames the economy, the weather, or the other company, when the real problem is that no one took the negotiation process seriously enough to systematically prepare for it. In my experience, there are ten common mistakes business people routinely make when they enter a contract negotiation. This video offers […]

Is a fixed fee a black box?

During my mentoring, I was co-negotiation a 15 year contract. The stakeholder leadership wanted a early termination agreement in the agreement with a fixed fee. They wanted a buy-out in the agreement for early termination. Watch the video and tell me what you think.   Watch NOW…

Are you worried about closing a commercially significant deal?

Are you worried about closing a commercially significant deal? Then my coaching and mentoring programs might be the right fit to support your organization. If closing that deal and getting greater value is important to your organization, watch this video.

Podcast: Jeanette on Designing and Executing a Balanced Deal

I interviewed with Philip Ideson recently on – Designing and Executing a Balanced Deal. If you haven’t had the opportunity to listen to that interview, you should check it out! We didn’t get to all of Philips’ questions so he invited me back to finish the conversation. In this podcast, we discuss the art of a […]

Negotiating Value in a Price-Only World Part 2

Federal Government Negotiates and Gets Value Today, Rocky Flats is a National Wildlife Refuge. It was established in 2007, and is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The 5,237-acre refuge was once a nuclear weapon depot, a legacy of the cold war. Prior to 2007, it was a radioactive waste site just 15 […]

Drafting a Gainshare Framework: Use this Checklist

A client and I are drafting a gainshare arrangement for a complex service delivery contract. Neither my client (procurement) nor the service supplier have used a gainshare arrangement in their 26-year relationship. Yet, my client’s current economic outlook demands that the supplier lower its costs by eliminating redundant and unnecessary processes. It is noteworthy that […]