Opportunism: the other side of trust (Part 2)

Social Norms To Do Business By Reciprocity obligates businesspeople to make fair and balanced exchanges. If one company accepts a business risk, the other must be prepared to do the same. If one company commits to invest time and money in an important project, the other must be prepared to reciprocate. They decide what is […]

The Five Steps of Getting to We

Getting to We is a new approach and mindset for agreement negotiations that leaves the typical I-win-you-lose strategy in the dust, because that way simply no longer works for the long term. And it never worked very well for the short term, either. But if you buy into The Getting to We premise—that highly collaborative […]

Opportunism: the other side of trust (Part 1)

We often hear stories of business relationships that appeared strong suddenly turning sour. These relationships may even have existed for some time. So what is going on? It is likely acts of opportunism. Here’s an example. A client of mine awarded a multimillion-dollar, multi-year deal to the lowest bidder. The bid was characterised as “too […]

Getting the Deal by Getting to We

When we talk about the doing the deal, the point is to get the deal done, right? To get to yes in the most advantageous way possible for your company—the deal that best serves your specific interest, at the lowest possible cost. And then you move on to the next deal, right? Wrong! That mindset […]

Are You Checking for Understanding? Or am I?

A couple of years ago my clients started asking me, “Do you follow up with my people after training to check for their understanding of our Terms & Conditions or do I?” Today, (not in years past) I say we both should. My efforts alone are not enough. In training sessions, I see people nod […]

How Good Are Your Negotiators at Making Tradeoffs?

Imagine a mid-level manger in the global commodities group got an email from the operations manager from a plant that read something like this: “Bob, I called ABC supplier to see where our XYZ parts are, and they told me that we’ll get them in 3 weeks. They said the PO gave them a 15 […]

Beyond the traditional ZOPA: how to create value in complex deals

You’ve all been told that to create value in your negotiations and get the “best” deal for your organization you need to expand the pie, not just haggle over the limited and fixed number of pie pieces. But no one has really demonstrated pie expansion – value – for commercial contracts – until now. In […]

The 1 Minute Negotiation Technique

Okay, I’m coming out. I meditate. I have for years. Besides all the health benefits, I believe that meditation has helped me further develop my ability to really focus. Anyone who has ever talked to me knows that I encourage everyone to take time to really plan for all of their negotiation conversations. You really […]

Before You Make the First Offer

There is a lot of power in making an opening offer. In fact, the opening offer anchors the entire price conversation. Do you want to set the anchor, or allow the other party to set the anchor? You should make a conscience choice. By setting the anchor, you are determining the scope and range of […]

Redefine Your Role Away From Gatekeeper

80% of Business to Business purchases involve some sort of contract. This fact startled me, even though I am an attorney. More telling, those contracts have become increasingly sophisticated. Contracts typically contain rebate language, chargeback mechanisms, and sophisticated legal concepts such as intellectual property (IP) protection.  It is also common for contracts to encompass thousands […]