Contract Professional’s Playbook

Filling the Contracting Skill Gap


Moving from content awareness to implementation and mastery

The playbook and training program provides your contracting team with the tools and techniques to move from concept awareness to implementation and mastery. The playbook develops commercial contracting competencies for performance-based contracts. Your team will learn to:

  • Think and act strategically when developing, negotiating and managing strategic customer/supplier relationships
  • Put important technical and legal concepts to work in daily practice
  • Operationalize business objectives in customer/supplier relationships

Organizations with top contracting talent who can implement critical business objectives and optimize their customer/supplier relationships. Those optimized relationships see increased:

  • Profitability,
  • Dependability, and
  • Flexibility to address challenges.

The Contract Professional’s Playbook includes tools and techniques, such as:

  • Detailed and tailored checklists to clarify the Statement of Work so it is aligned with business objectives,
  • Techniques to ensure the contract T’s and C’s match the business objectives
  • Spreadsheets and examples to help contract mangers monitor risk,
  • Techniques to quickly resolve disputes, and
  • Checklists to follow when exiting the relationship

Would you like to see the list of 20+ tools? Follow this link to watch a free 30-minute learning lesson, download a portion of The Contract Professional’s Playbook covering the development of the Statement of Work, and the list of tools. 



About The Contract Professional’s Playbook and Training Programs

Enhancing the skill set of the SMEs, contract professionals and contract managers (or program managers) is the solution, and I’ll tell you why. The problem is increasing T and C complexity, lengthening of term (duration), and strategic nature of outcomes from your organization’s customer/supplier relationships. While at the same time, your organization is probably losing top contracting talent due to retirement. That double blow (more complex with the loss of talent) leaves a gap in contracting talent.

The Contract Professional’s Playbook and training provides step-by-step tools and techniques to implement and master important contracting concepts. This guidance enhances the skill set of those who develop, negotiate and manage strategically significant custom/supplier relationships.  The playbook and training program is customized to meet your organization’s needs and delivered either in-person or on-line.

“I really appreciate your efforts to build my team’s skills. We knew there was a skills gap, and having you assess the team and train to the gap has made a big difference.” A.R. CPO, global manufacturer

This program offers tools and techniques to contract professionals and contract managers to:

  • Develop clear performance-based contracts,
  • Tie the legal terms and conditions to the Statement of Work and performance outcomes, and
  • Optimize relationship performance.

Customized training program includes:

  • On-line, pre-recorded lessons that walk people through the tools and techniques,
  • The Contract Professionals Playbook, assignments, tools (checklists, spreadsheets etc.), and
  • On-line or in-person sessions to work on a case study as a group (i.e develop and revise a SOW using the requirements checklist etc.)

Customized means I start with your organization’s existing training materials and tailor The Contract Professionals Playbook to meet your business needs, or I can develop the entire training program.

I have a valuable skill set that most organizations desperately need. I am a lawyer who understands business operation needs to form a high performing customer/supplier relationship, and a business consultant who understands the legal terms and conditions.

Are you ready to learn more? Follow this link to watch a free 30-minute learning lesson and a portion of The Contract Professional’s Playbook covering the development of the Statement of Work.