How I Can Help

People who negotiate and manage complex contracts need an enhanced skill set. The skills that helped your team get every last dime out of a deal yesterday do not help your organization build, document and mange long-term, customer/supplier relationships. I offer three services:

Contractor Negotiator. As a mentor, I sit side by side at the negotiation table to co-lead very complex negotiations. I work as an integrated team member teaching and coaching my co-negotiator through every step of the process, while also providing a safety net for my client organization.

Contract Negotiation and Management Training and Coaching Programs. My customized, tactical contract negotiation and management training programs are designed for business people who negotiate complex customer/supplier agreements.

Conference Speeches. I offer Keynote and session speeches at industry and corporate conferences.

Want to sample a training session? Check out my free New Rules for Negotiating 10 Minute Learning Sessions. You’ll get a 10 minute webinar, handouts and a chapter from my training manual.

“Over a two day period you trained over 50 members of our staff – both buyers and salespeople, technical and non-technical. What I expected for this training was someone who could provide our staff with basic negotiation skills. What you delivered was totally tailored to our business with a clear understanding of our challenges.” R. N., Director, global manufacturer.

Let’s set up a time to talk about the specific financial, operational and emotional upside to enhancing your team’s negotiation skills.

Jeanette Nyden: [javascript protected email address] | 206-723-3472