How I Can Help

My customized, tactical negotiation training programs are designed for business people who negotiate complex customer/supplier agreements.

People who negotiate complex contracts need an enhanced skill set. The skills that helped your team get every last dime out of a deal yesterday do not help your organization build and document long-term, customer/supplier relationships for the future.

An Apttus Conference participant raves . . .

“Your presentation was good, especially given the time constraints. From a sales standpoint, we are always looking to see how we can create a balance where we don’t feel taken advantage of, while at the same time allowing the buyer to win as well. You hit that on the head.”

Want to sample a training session? Check out my free New Rules for Negotiating 10 Minute Learning Sessions. You’ll get a 10 minute webinar, handouts and a chapter from my training manual.

I offer these five services:

Contract Negotiation Skills Programs— Tactical, customized contract negotiation coaching and training programs from the planning phase through to execution.

Comprehensive Negotiation Skills Assessment— Custom designed on-line survey using questions from my own database, in depth interviews, and a detailed report with individual learning objectives for each participant.

Deal Coaching and Consulting — Tactical team coaching and meeting facilitation relating to negotiating a specific deal, usually a performance based relationship.

Customer/Supplier Meeting Facilitation — Facilitate customer/supplier discussions to crack an issue open and drive to a resolution. These meetings usually arise from a lack of governance in performance based contracts.

Keynote Presentations – Speeches at company off-site meetings and professional conferences.

You can expect the following outcomes.

  • A more efficient contract negotiation process,
  • Increased clarity of contract terms, and
  • Enhanced negotiation skills.

In addition, all of my clients have developed better communication, better alignment with their customer or supplier on distinct business objectives, and those looking for savings, found that too.

Specifically, my clients have gotten these tangible outcomes:

  • Increasing effectiveness to negotiate terms and conditions, metrics, and scorecards in complex goods and services contracts.
  • Increasing use of Should Cost Analysis and Total Landed Cost Analysis and other data to drive price negotiations.
  • Uniform skill enhancement for management to take on a mentorship role with the rest of the purchasing team to meet cost reduction plans for commodity purchases.
  • Contract renewal complete two and one-half years after describing their relationship as “combative”.
  • Contract renewal process that identified half a dozen actionable improvements; continuous improvements launched with changes occurring as ideas surfaced (while negotiating contract extension).
  • Financial incentives for the provider to reach stretch goals as a result of continuous improvements and/or innovation.
  • Increased scope of work by adding one net new service and expanding another service while keeping total cost of ownership net even and guaranteeing savings over the course of the agreement term.
  • Three R&D teams focused on one vision and a common understanding of outcomes, expectations and the financial value of the relationship to all three companies.
  • Leadership development for account managers to enhance their abilities’ to address customer concerns, negotiate change orders and re-negotiate contract renewals.

“Over a two day period you trained over 50 members of our staff – both buyers and salespeople, technical and non-technical. What I expected for this training was someone who could provide our staff with basic negotiation skills. What you delivered was totally tailored to our business with a clear understanding of our challenges.” R. N., Director, global manufacturer.

Let’s set up a time to talk about the specific financial, operational and emotional upside to enhancing your team’s negotiation skills.

Jeanette Nyden: [javascript protected email address] | 206-723-3472