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The Contract Professional’s Playbook eLearning Program

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The Contract Professional’s Playbook eLearning program is a web-based, self-paced program enhancing critical contracting competencies to master performance- and outcome-based contracts. The 12-week program methodically answers 12 “How do I” questions in pre-recorded webinars, tools (checklists and spreadsheets), chapters from The Contract Professional’s Playbook,  and pre-recorded chat sessions between the authors (Jeanette Nyden and Lawrence Kane.) 

This program is very comprehensive, taking practitioners through the three phases of the contract life cycle. Here is what industry experts are saying:

The Contract Professional's Playbook Platforms

“This comprehensive manual helps structure the negotiation process, thereby minimizing the perilous process of trial-and-error, expediting competency with leading practices and tools that can help reduce risk and speed outcomes for both buy-side and sell-side alike.” 

Gregg Kirchhoefer

IAOP Leadership Hall of Fame Member

At IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals), we have found one of the best ways to navigate the increasing complexities is through training, education, and professional certification. That is why The Contract Professional’s Playbook and eLearning program is so valuable, timely, and essential. Arming yourself with the latest knowledge and expertise from the authors on drafting, negotiating, and managing performance- and outcome-based contracts will give you a competitive edge.”

Debi Hamill


When you go the download page here is what you’ll receive:

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A pdf version of Chapter 4 of The Contract Professional’s Playbook answering the question discussed in the video, “How Do I Write/Revise/Respond To Requirements (SOW and Performance Metrics)?”

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Full Playbook Table of Contents and

Full List of the Table of Tools.

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Individual person to teams of 5: $1,750 per person

Team of 5 or more: Call or email Jeanette Nyden for pricing options, including tailored tools and coaching sessions to meet your exact needs. 206-723-3472 or jn@jnyden.com

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The Contract Professional's Playbook Platforms

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Chapter 1—How do I maximize my value in my customer/supplier relationships? Social norms to do business by.

Then starting the week following your registration, you’ll receive weekly emails. You will want to make sure you can get the emails, so understand your organization’s spam policies. And of course, email me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. jn@jnyden.com