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Negotiating Performance-Based Contracts with Confidence Master Class + Role Play

For Procurement & Sales Professionals (Teams only)

Experiential Training & Strategic Advisory, Offered On-line


Don’t let your contract professionals be outsourced to A.I. Help them master drafting, negotiating and managing challenging performance- and outcome-based contracts today.

This online master class trains non-lawyers to negotiate performance-based contracts with nuance, accuracy, & confidence to reach agreements that are fair, balanced, and risk-free. We focus on the entire contract life-cycle from pre-award to negotiations and award, and then post-award relationship management.

Co-developed by Jeanette Nyden and sourcing and procurement expert Lawrence A. Kane, this master class is based on the award-winning book, The Contract Professional’s Playbook: The Definitive Guide to Maximizing Value Through Mastery of Performance- and Outcome-based Contracting.

De-Risking Your Contract: find and Fix Hidden Risk

Armed with a comprehensive toolkit, expert coaching with Jeanette, and answers to FAQs contract professionals will have the confidence and skills to steer their next performance-based contract negotiation from start to finish.


With a small investment of time, they will:

Boost negotiation credibility


Quickly master negotiating high-value, high-profile deals


Enhance ability to identify, address, and manage risk


Anticipate questions, overcome roadblocks, and resolve issues faster


Close bigger deals, and leverage more favorable positions


Feel less overwhelmed and more in control of workloads


Expand influence with internal stakeholders


Deliver more value internally and externally


Develop more valuable pricing models and performance-enhancing metrics


Increase deal profitability

Ready to negotiate complex performance- and outcome-based contracts with confidence? Excellent. We are ready to work with you! Schedule your call with Jeanette Nyden to enroll you and your team today! Email me today!  

Ideal Participant

The Negotiating Performance-Based Contracts Master Class is designed for procurement and sales professionals, contract negotiators/administrators, and subject matter experts who negotiate performance-based contracts with suppliers and service providers.

The master class package includes:
  • 12-month access to the pre-recorded training course and pre-recorded Q&A videos offered as a self-paced, on-line program to allow you the flexibility to learn as you draft, negotiate and implement your performance- and outcome-based agreement.
  • 12 hours of live coaching over 12 months used how and when you want to, including the opportunity to role play with Jeanette.
  • 25 tools, such as checklists and spreadsheets, delivered in Pdf format.
  • A copy of The Contract Professional’s Playbook delivered in Pdf format.
  • Pre-training and post-training negotiation skills assessment. 
  • Schedule a call or email me to get a quote for team pricing. Please have a list of potential participants and a timeframe to roll out the training for accurate pricing.

Experiential learning with Jeanette Nyden includes role playing. Because what is more fun than role playing a contract negotiation?

Focused On The Entire Contract Life Cycle 
Designed For Procurement and Sales Teams
Designed For Individuals And Small Teams
Live Coaching With Jeanette Nyden
By the end of the Masterclass, they will be able to quickly:
Maximize value in their customer/supplier relationships so that they can establish a strong and stable foundation for a long-term relationship.
Increase their influence with stakeholders so that their needs are met and they approve the deal package once finalized.
Choose the appropriate sourcing (acquisition) approach and contract type so that the relationship has the correct tools and levers to enhance performance.
Choose the right pricing mechanisms so that they can prepare to effectively negotiate price and value.
Conduct an appropriate financial analysis so that they can establish a holistic foundation for the price and value conversation.
Identify and analyze contract risk so that risk can be mitigated and controlled.
Master price negotiations so that they can create, enhance and preserve value.
Effectively make tradeoffs in complex negotiations so that they can balance risk and reward in the relationship.
Increase their influence with their negotiation counterpart so that they have the rapport to move through complex topics efficiently.
Effectively understand and use their leverage so that they get a deal on fair and balanced terms.
Use and manage tactics so that they stay in control.
Effectively develop a negotiation strategy so that they and their stakeholders work effectively to reach organizational goals for the relationship.
Efficiently and effectively negotiate contract redlines so that they can take issues to stakeholders for review and approval.
Effectively monitor, manage and govern a complex relationship to drive consistent performance.
Insert a change control process so that they can modify a contract while maintaining value.
Effectively resolve post-award disputes so that problems are addressed before performance is negatively impacted.
Use best-in-class post-award contracting techniques to end a relationship and incorporate lessons-learned before a new award so that they can drive a greater level of performance in the next phase of the work.
What clients are saying…

“It was a great class with a lot of interaction and conversation. The procurement team changed the way they think about negotiation.”

“Over a two-day period you trained over 50 members of our staff – both buyers and salespeople, technical and non-technical. What I expected for this training was someone who could provide our staff with basic negotiation skills. What you delivered was totally tailored to our business with a clear understanding of our challenges.”

“Your training programs and coaching sessions quickly and dramatically enhanced the skills and confidence of new negotiators within our teams. Your coaching sessions are not yet finished, and we are already seeing positive results from the teams’ negotiations.  Thank you.”

Ready to negotiate performance-based contracts with confidence? Excellent. We are ready to work with you! Schedule your call with Jeanette Nyden to enroll you and your team today! Email me today!