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Are you a contract professional (procurement or sales) looking for more advanced advice to negotiate complex customer-supplier agreements? Good, you’re in the right place. These free resources provide tactical advice to business people who negotiate complex customer/supplier agreements.


I’m Jeanette Nyden, an expert on negotiating customer-supplier contracts. I’ve been writing, teaching, and working with companies to negotiate their customer-supplier agreements for many years and all of these free resources are based on my personal experiences either as an attorney, mediator, or negotiation coach.

And, more importantly, I’ve worked with both procurement and sales teams, which gives me a unique—and deep—understanding of supply chain management. That dual approach to supply chain negotiations (customer and supplier facing at the same time) gives me an exceptional view into translating customer demands into supplier performance.

“I religiously read, discuss with colleagues practicing globally, and implement the knowledge shared by Jeanette Nyden. I found her write-ups simple and standard, truly creative, and very effective. Counterparts fully get convinced if you apply her say. Will always have respect and trust for the wonderful knowledge transfer she does. Keep it up!” 

Arvind Pardeshi

Manager-Commercial and Contracts , Sterlite Technologies Limited


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I work with both buy-side and sell-side teams who negotiate a range of contracts.

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