Training the Next Generation of Commercial Contract Leadership

Does your team have the skills to negotiate and document complex contractual arrangements?

It takes an enhanced skill set to negotiate and manage complex, interdependent commercial  relationships. Customers and suppliers want relationships that perform effectively, profitably, and predictably. Often there is a direct correlation between clarity of contract terms and relationship performance. If it is up to you and your team to negotiate, document and manage commercial contracts, you’re in the right place.

I deliver proven results! Sound Partnership Strategies optimizes key customer/supplier relationships by providing customized, tactical contract negotiation skills training, coaching and mentoring.

Contract Negotiator: Mentoring and Co-leading Complex Negotiations

As a mentor, I sit as a credentialed advisor at the negotiation table to co-lead very complex negotiations. I work as an integrated team member teaching and coaching my co-negotiator through every step of the process, while also providing a safety net for my client organization.

One year after training and coaching

My client went from being a self-conscious, average negotiator who had not negotiated large deals in her role to promoted to manage a team of 3 in a 9 month timeframe. She and I co-led negotiations for a very complex deal with a Multi-national supplier. The results are impressive: $8.5M in savings to her organization, and it closed in a record 3 ½ months.

Contract Negotiator and Management Skills Training Program

My customized, tactical negotiation training and coaching programs are specifically designed for business people who negotiate complex customer/supplier agreements. By working with me, you can expect to see a more efficient contract negotiation process, increased clarity of contract terms, enhanced negotiation skills, and better customer/supplier relationships.

One year after training and coaching

Want to sample a training session? Check out my free New Rules for Negotiating 10 Minute Learning Sessions.  You’ll get 10 minute webinars, handouts and chapters from my training manual.


Also you will get access to Articles, Industrial News, White Papers, Free Learning Sessions and YouTube Videos clips with great tips and techniques to negotiate stronger contracts!

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“Jeanette Nyden conducted negotiating seminars for two of our business units. As a direct result of Ms. Nyden’s program we are more effective in our pricing and terms negotiations. Our profitability demonstrates the benefit of our investment.” R.B.L, (retired) CEO, global manufacturer.

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