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Closing The Skills Gap!

The Skills Gap

People who negotiate complex commercial contracts for a living need an enhanced skill set.

The Skills Gap

The skills gap is a result of complex risks due to increasing complexity in legal terms, to the lengthening of the term (duration), and to the strategic nature of the relationship’s performance outcomes. While at the same time, your organization is probably losing top contracting talent due to retirement. And, the “simple” contracts are now being automated leaving—as one client termed it—“the ugly” contracts (meaning the difficult contracts, requiring human interaction to seal the deal.) These factors, among others, leaves a gap in contracting talent. 

The Solution: An Enhanced Skill Set

Enhancing the skill set of contract professionals is the solution to better performance- and outcome-based agreements. (Contract professionals go by many titles: contract negotiators, contract administrators, contract managers, account managers, vendor/supplier/customer managers, and technical SMEs).


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Who I Work With

I work with both buy-side and sell-side teams who negotiate a range of contracts.

How I Can Help

Virtual training. Learn more about The Contract Professional’s Playbook eLearning program for your team, which can be tailored to meet your exact needs.

Free Resources

Blog, webinars/videos, articles, white papers PLUS a free sample from The Contract Professional’s Playbook eLearning program.


My three services (The Contract Professional’s Playbook web-based program, the M.V. P Playbook eLearning program, and public speaking) are designed for business people who negotiate performance- and outcome-based agreements.

“I need relevant negotiation coaching – someone who understands that I am not selling a car. I am building and maintaining relationships that last for years and years. They are complex and nuanced and typical training just doesn’t fit with what I face each day.”


Account Director, pharma

Contracting professionals know that the skills that helped them get every last dime out of a deal yesterday does not help them build and document a long-term customer/supplier relationship for the future.

Want to sample a training session? Check out my free sample of The Contract Professional’s Playbook.  You’ll get a 40-minute sample webinar on Best Practices in Drafting an SOW (YouTube Video) and The Contract Professional’s Playbook sample chapter.

Contract Negotiation Skills Training and Coaching

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The M.V.P Playbook eLearning Program

The M.V.P Playbook eLearning program enhances the web-based program by tailoring the tools, hosting live, virtual coaching sessions, and/or “role play days” With these enhancements, your organization addresses the day-to-day experiences your team faces. The training and coaching sessions are based on over 25 years of practical experience. Virtual and in-person coaching sessions offer group discussions, one-on-one partner role-playing, and individual drafting exercises.

The Contract Professional's Playbook Platforms

The Contract Professional's Playbook eLearning Program

A web-based, self-paced How do I learning program 

This web-based, self-paced program enhances critical competencies for those who want to master performance- and outcome-based contracts. The 12-week program uses videos with real case studies, offers more than 25 checklists and spreadsheets,  The Contract Professional’s Playbook (course manual), and pre-recorded chat sessions with authors Jeanette Nyden and Lawrence Kane.

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The M.V.P coaching sessions focus on the entire negotiation arc from planning to contract signing. By attending training as a team, people can learn tips and tricks from colleagues to quickly prepare for and address scenarios common to your organization.

“This coaching session has been stellar! I’ve wanted someone to walk me through the arguments the supplier is making (to some terms in the contract) so I could give them a reasoned response to support our terms. Thank you.” 


Contract Administrator, public utility

The M.V.P Playbook eLearning program includes:

  • Negotiation skills assessment with a findings report,
  • Contract(s) review, and
  • One-on-one interviews via phone or Zoom web conferencing.
  • The Contract Professional’s Playbook eLearning program, PLUS
  • Company-specific “role-play day” and/or case studies via Zoom web conferencing, and
  • Tools tailored to meet the team’s needs.
  • Live coaching sessions via phone calls and/or Zoom web conferencing, and 
  • Post-training assessment to prove ROI.

“Oh yeah the collaborative process has paid dividends. And, I am sure it will continue to pay dividends in the years to come. Is the contract perfect–no. Could it be better—yes? It is an evolution and as we work together at the management level we will continue to improve our relationship.” 

C. S

Associate Vice President, global facilities management

Let’s set up a time to talk about the specific financial, operational, and emotional upside to enhancing your team’s negotiation skills.

Jeanette Nyden: jn@jnyden.com | 206-723-3472

“It was a great class with a lot of interaction and conversation. The procurement team learned some valuable pieces and in particular, it changed the way they thought about negotiation.” 

Training Director, on-line retail company