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Contract Negotiator

Mentoring and Co-leading Complex Negotiations

It takes an enhanced skill set to negotiate and manage complex, interdependent commercial relationships

As a mentor, I sit as a credentialed advisor at the negotiation table to co-lead very complex negotiations. I work as an integrated team member teaching and coaching my co-negotiator through every step of the process, while also providing a safety net for my client organization.

You can expect the following outcomes

More efficient contract negotiation process,

Increased clarity of contract terms, and

Enhanced contract negotiation and management skills.

In addition, all of my clients have developed better communication, better alignment with their customer or supplier on distinct business objectives, and those looking for savings found that too.

One year after training and coaching

My client went from being a self-conscious, average negotiator who had not negotiated large deals in her role to promoted to manage a team of 3 in a 9-month timeframe. She and I co-led negotiations for a very complex deal with a Multi-national supplier. The results are impressive: $8.5M in savings to her organization, and it closed in a record 3 ½ months.

“Oh yeah the collaborative process has paid dividends. And, I am sure it will continue to pay dividends in the years to come. It is an evolution and as we work together at the management level we will continue to improve our (customer) relationship.” 

C. S.

Associate Vice President, global facilities management

Let’s set up a time to talk about the specific financial, operational, and emotional upside to enhancing your team’s negotiation skills.

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