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“The contracting world you work in is undergoing dramatic change. While the price was once the primary desired outcome in deals, customers today are demanding outcomes like innovation and digital transformation in addition to value and performance. Deals are being completely rewritten to bring in robotics and automation. How do contract and procurement/sales professionals stay relevant and compete?”  Debi Hamill, CEO of IAOP

Stay relevant with tips from The Contract Professional’s Playbook: The Definitive Guide to Maximizing Value through Master of Performance- and Outcome-Based Contracting.  This tip is from Chapter 15 page 171.

Unfortunately for those expanding their contracting skillset to include complex relationships, there is no one right way to develop, negotiate, and manage them. Relationship complexity eliminates a one size fits all approach. What is left is a vast reservoir of tools, techniques, styles, and tactics to reach your organization’s contracting goal. The point of The Contract Professional’s Playbook is to provide contract professionals who have not yet mastered the complexities of performance- and outcome-based contracts guidance on when and how to use certain techniques and/or tools to reach their objective.

Because so few organizations have taken the time to develop a systematic approach to drafting, negotiating, and managing performance- and outcome-based contracts, we have combined our many years of experience to develop step-by-step processes, checklists, and spreadsheets to literally walk people through the entire contracting process from initiation to execution.