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Decrease Risks and Maximize the Value of Your High-Value, Strategic Supplier Relationships with This Program!

I bet you did not realize that you are doing the work legal teams did a generation ago. And, with a fraction of the training, the average lawyer gets. No wonder you feel exasperated and exhausted.

If you negotiate and manage performance- and outcome-based contracts for a living, you need an enhanced skill set. Unfortunately, your company does not have the resources to train you, and most negotiation skills training programs are not keeping pace with the increase in contract complexity. Many negotiation skills programs are too generic and out of touch with what it takes to negotiate and manage complicated terms and conditions, pricing models, and risk scenarios. Until now . . .

The Contract Professional’s Playbook eLearning Program is a web-based, self-paced “How do I” learning program 

You will learn tips and tricks from professionals with more than 25+ years of complex contracting to quickly prepare for and address scenarios common to performance- and outcome-based contracting. The Contract Professional’s Playbook and eLearning Program focuses on the entire contract life-cycle from planning to contract signing and then to management.

You can decrease risk and maximize value in three ways.




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“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class yesterday. I definitely had some “Aha!” moments and will take those learnings with me going forward. Also, when you showed us the New Yorker slide with the dogs saying, “It’s not enough that we succeed. Cats must also fail.” I thought it was refreshing hearing that since there are a lot of people out there actually that have that mentality. I always say to myself, “Other’s success isn’t my failure.”

Training Participant
On-Line Retail Company

“It was a great class with a lot of interaction and conversation. The procurement team learned some valuable pieces, and in particular, it changed the way they thought about negotiation.”

Training Director
On-Line Retail Company

“This coaching session has been stellar! I’ve wanted someone to walk me through the arguments the supplier is making (to some terms in the contract), so I could give them a reasoned response to support our terms. Thank you.”

Contract Administrator, Public Utility

“Jeanette, Just to let you know we signed our MSA last Friday. Unbelievable time to negotiate – but at least we finalized. Thanks for your help in getting to this point.”

EVP, Facility Resources

The Contract Professional’s Playbook  eLearning Program Enhances a Range of Skills

Most contracts these days are complex, and require a variety of skills ranging from:

Designing an Agreement

Designing an agreement using complex arrangements such as incentive payments, outcome-based metrics, and innovation committees to drive and manage change.

Drafting Skills

Drafting skills to accurately document the myriad of agreements made over the course of the negotiations so the legal department has a clear understanding of the deal points.

Facilitation and Internal Negotiation Skills

Facilitation and internal negotiation skills to corral internal stakeholders to agree on requirements, such as SOW’s, SLA’s, KPI’s, and governance structures.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Conflict resolution skills when the inevitable happens – something goes wrong and needs to be fixed.

 The Contract Professional’s Playbook eLearning Program Includes:

  • 12 hours of pre-recorded webinars, PLUS
  • 25 tools delivered in pdf,
  • The Contract Professional’s Playbook in pdf, and
  • 8 hours of pre-recorded Q&A sessions with Jeanette Nyden and Lawrence Kane.
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“I loved your training and have implemented some aspects into my work already. Thanks again!”

Brody Karmenzind
Sales, Pandora

“Now, I will be able to provide better information to the legal department and help speed up the (contract) review process when the supplier has changes or exceptions to the standard terms. I am a better partner to the business and to legal.”

Contract Specialist, Public Utility

“Jeanette, Just to let you know, we signed our MSA last Friday. Unbelievable time to negotiate – but at least we finalized. Thanks for your help in getting to this point.”

EVP, Facility Resources

“Thank you. I appreciate knowing where our customers are coming from (on our terms and conditions). I feel more confident to negotiate these items and not escalate to the V.P. of Sales all the time.”

Sales Representative, Global Manufacturing