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Going on 18 years now, the Nyden on Negotiation Newsletter provides information about relevant skills, industry trends, and thought leadership in excerpts from my 4 books, blog articles, YouTube videos, free short webinars (under 15 minutes), podcasts and links to interesting articles written by others. You need this newsletter to remain relevant as a contract professional and to provide value to your organization.  The newsletter topics are meant for the purchasing and sales teams alike. There are no gimmicks or put-downs, just even-handed advice to improve supply chain performance.

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About Jeanette Nyden

I’ve worked both sales and purchasing, usually at the same company at the same time, so my advice is a balanced and multi-faceted approach to supply chain negotiations. That dual approach to supply chain negotiations (customer and supplier facing at the same time) gives me an exceptional view into translating customer demands into supplier performance.

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