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Okay, I’m coming out. I meditate. I have for years. Besides all the health benefits, I believe that meditation has helped me further develop my ability to really focus.

Anyone who has ever talked to me knows that I encourage everyone to take time to really plan for all of their negotiation conversations. You really will get tremendously better results when you plan. But, who has the time?  

Recently, I got a lot of push back from a group of training participants. Those folks were government contract negotiators and administrators who negotiate with behemoths like Raytheon and Halliburton. They talked about having more to do with less time, the complexity of their contracting process, and the multiplicity of issues they deal with every day. They had no time to plan!!!

So, rather than harp on an old message that is no longer resonating, I have a new message.

1 Minute Centering  

I learned this technique from my business coach and suggest that you try it out for yourself. It is simple, really effective and super quick. Here’s what you do.

  1. Think about 3 to 4 tasks, concerns, or irritations you have on your mind. (As I write this, I am irritated because I have a cold and haven’t worked out; I am trying to get this done before a 3:30 phone call; and I am worried about a client whose business lost a major vendor due to the vendor’s financial mismanagement.)
  2. Verbalize them out loud (whispering works) and as you verbalize each one, mentally place it on a post-it note, off to the side of your desk or on a shelf. (As I listed them, I put them aside by my phone.)
  3. Take a breath and focus on the negotiation in front of you. (I’m feeling calmer after mentally setting those issues to the side.)

Now you are ready to make that call, write that email or attend that meeting. It is amazing to me how much more focused I can become (in a lot less time) after I take 1 minute to center myself to focus on only what is right in front of me at the moment!

Take this pledge: I will take 1 minute to center myself before I do or say anything in any negotiation I am involved in.

You’ll be amazed at how much more clarity you’ll bring to the conversation.

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