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Negotiate Value Not Just Price eWorkshop:

Create and Preserve Contract Value 

For Procurement Professionals — Individuals and Teams 
Turn-Key Online Training and Live Coaching with Jeanette Nyden 
Whether you realize it or not, negotiating price only leaves money and value on the table.  

Value leakage is a huge problem. Losing just 10% value can force a re-bid for work (which might cost the buyer and supplier more than the 10% value leakage to go through the bid, award and transition of services process.). That’s a lot of money flying out the door without actually providing value to anyone. 

What if procurement could learn insights, tips and techniques to not just prevent value leakage, but create and enhance contract value? Fortunately, procurement has a role to play in creating value. This eWorkshop shows you how to create and enhance value in complex contracts by requesting more value from suppliers and negotiating stronger financial agreements with suppliers.

Developed by Jeanette Nyden and based on her four books, including  Getting to We: Negotiating Agreements for Highly Collaborative Relationships and The Contract Professional’s Playbook: The Definitive Guide to Maximizing Value Through Mastery of Performance- and Outcome-based Contracting.

The Contract Professional's Playbook eLearning Program
Move beyond price to enhance the value of your deals by including one or more of the four most common types of contractual value.
In a few short hours, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to:

Boost negotiation credibility


Expand influence with internal stakeholders


Deliver more value internally and externally


Increase deal profitability


Avoid common missteps and mistakes that erode deal value

Ready to enhance and create value and prevent value leakage? Excellent. We are ready to work with you! Schedule your call with Jeanette Nyden to enroll you and your team today! Email me today!  

Ideal Participant

The Negotiate Value eWorkshop is designed for procurement professionals, contract negotiators/administrators, and subject matter experts who negotiate complex contracts with suppliers and service providers.

eWorkshop Package and Structure 
  • Self-paced, on-line pre-recorded training videos to allow you the flexibility to learn when you have  a contract negotiation.
  • The modules contain detailed video lectures of 4 to 15 minutes in length that walk you through the best practices for creating and enhancing contract value, while also preventing value loss.
  • Bonus Materials! There are also several additional video resources to give you a deep dive into some topics.
  • You have access to the content for 2 months.
  • 2 hours of live, on-line coaching with Jeanette Nyden to help you quickly create and enhance value.
  • Individual pricing starting at $995.00 per person. Additional coaching may be included and company tailoring available. Schedule a call or email me to get a quote.
    Jeanette Nyden, JD
    Designed For Individuals And Small Teams
    Live Coaching With Jeanette Nyden
    By the end of the eWorkshop, you will be able to quickly:
    Choose the right pricing mechanism and develop a pricing model so that you can establish the right financial foundation for a high-value relationship.
    Conduct an appropriate financial analysis so that you can establish a holistic foundation for the price and value conversation.
    Map out the price using a Money Map so that you can manage the tradeoffs involved in negotiating price and value in complex contracts.
    Create and enhance value in your relationships so that the relationship meets, if not exceeds, value expectations.
    Use appropriate collaborative negotiation techniques to support the value negotiation.
    What clients are saying…

    “When I apply her insights, my colleagues fully get on board. I’ll always have respect and trust for Jeanette’s knowledge transfer.”

    “We came to you like ‘we need help now!!’ We appreciated that you have intellectual property to train us right away. You are passionate about negotiations and it comes across on the screen. We wanted somebody who’s really energetic and is going to keep her students engaged and interested in what she’s saying. That was really important.”

    “Your help was extremely valuable to our negotiation process. You coached us on and through a process that we were not familiar with and helped establish credibility with our customers. You gave us confidence that we could deal with them on even terms. Because you helped us to be prepared, there’s no doubt that we got the best deal for our company.”

    Ready to create and enhance value in your contract and prevent value leakage? Excellent. We are ready to work with you! Schedule your call with Jeanette Nyden to enroll you and your team today! Email me today!